The Team

Adam Andreski, Managing Director

AndreskiwebAdam Andreski BSc MSc DIC C.Eng MICE MBA is a civil engineer with 30 years experience and has worked for contractors, consultants and directly for European Commission and DFID. His original overseas experience was with the labour-based District Roads Improvement and Maintenance Project in Malawi as a volunteer in the 1980s. He then went on to lead a road construction unit and a bridge design team in that country. In Botswana he headed the Roads Department’s Bridges Section and later the Materials Division. In Tanzania in the 1990s he led a TA Team to the Regional Engineer’s Office in Iringa that developed a local road contracting industry from scratch. He then moved to Dar es Salaam where he was instrumental in setting up the Road Fund, TANROADS and the contractors association TACECA. During his time with the Management Action Group in Tanzania’s Ministry of Works, he helped set up various systems for improving management of the road sector. He then worked in Barbados for the European Commission Delegation. Then he led a TA team to Malawi’s National Roads Authority where he worked on restructuring the National Roads Authority including the establishment of monitoring and evaluation systems. Since joining itt he led a Danida feasibility study in Tanzania, established a contract monitoring system and road inventory in Ghana, in Nicaragua provided engineering input into an environmental assessment, designed a public works programme in Liberia, designed pilot programmes for the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative in Zambia and Tanzania, formulated the EDF 10 Road programme in Zambia, reviewed institutional framework for road agencies in Kenya, prepared World Bank Transport Note 31 on Commercialising Road Maintenance, managed a programme developing contractors in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and reviewed constraints to private transport sector investment in Africa. Currently, he is Team Leader for an Institutional Support Programme for the Transport Sector in Liberia. 

Andy McLoughlin, Director

McLoughlin Photo ITT

Andy McLoughlin, BSc, MSc, CEng, FCIHT, is a Transport Infrastructure Specialist with a wide range of experience covering most disciplines of the Road Transport Sector, including in Road Asset Management, Highway and Traffic Engineering, Transport Planning and Road Safety.  He is equally comfortable in working with Donors, Governments or their Agencies, and Private Sector Contractors, having worked in the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors of the Transport Industry during his career.  Andy’s recent project experience includes development of a policy and strategy for axle load control in Suriname, writing a Transport Plan for the City of Monrovia, and undertaking interviews and data analysis in the Caribbean and Latin America for a study of Gender Issues in Transport Sector.  Within the past 3 years Andy has supervised Master’s level research projects into transport policy in middle and low-income countries, road safety issues involving commercial drivers in Tanzania and development of minimum levels of service for Ghana’s Feeder Road Network.  He is also the co-author of Engineering in Development: Transport, a handbook for rural-road transport practitioners.  Andy is passionate about the role of transport as an alleviator of poverty and enabler for economic growth, and also has a strong interest in the inter-relationships between the different disciplines of the transport sector and the benefits that can achieved through a better understanding of these interfaces.

Dave Jennings, Principal Consultant

JenningswebDave Jennings is a Civil Engineer of wide experience and has specialised in organisational development and the transfer of technology as a development tool. His expertise in capacity building within the transport sector has led to extensive work and experience with bi-lateral and multi–lateral donor agencies and with both central and local government in developing countries. He has led international teams of experts in the various stages of preparation and evaluation for both project approach and sector budget support programmes. His experience includes long term work in Bangladesh, Ghana Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zambia and short term work in many more countries. Before joining itt’s team in 2002 he managed the International Training Centre at Kisii in Kenya – a facility dedicated to the development of labour-based methods of engineering. He also worked as the engineering advisor to the Directorate of Regional Roads in Mozambique. He is an able project manager, designer and planner with extensive experience in the Logical Framework Approach and is a trained and experienced moderator.

Dick Komakech, Senior Consultant

DickwebDick Komakech MSc, BSc, DIC, MICE, MCIHT is a civil/transportation engineer with particular interest in road/transport infrastructure planning and development. Prior to joining ITT, he mainly worked in the UK for various public and private sector clients predominantly in the field of multi-modal transport modelling and economic appraisal; demand forecasting; strategic, integrated landuse and transport modelling.  Specific projects included Assessment of Pricing Roads in London, Evaluation of urban road congestion programme, Demand and Traffic forecasting using National Transport Model, Economic appraisal of Light Rail Transport schemes and integrated spatial/temporal transport Planning. He also had a significant professional training and development in civil infrastructure works predominantly in roads in developing countries. He is a versatile team leader and project manager on a number of technical projects in development countries.

Liam Bloundele, Junior Consultant

Liam Bloundele, BSc, is a Geography Graduate with experience in Social Development and its relationship with Infrastructure Planning, studied during his time at university and reinforced through experience in the early stages of his career. He has spent time undertaking research overseas, including time in India collecting social, economic and infrastructure data.  He has also worked in the United Kingdom where he was responsible for surveys of the 700km of Public Rights of Way in Bath and North East Somerset. Liam has also recently broadened his experience and written a report comparing different road condition data collection techniques in Tanzania, with the aim of improving network maintenance planning by using more affordable survey equipment.

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