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Adam Andreski, Managing Director

AndreskiwebAdam Andreski BSc MSc DIC C.Eng MICE MBA is a civil engineer with 30 years experience and has worked for contractors, consultants and directly for European Commission and DFID. His original overseas experience was with the labour-based District Roads Improvement and Maintenance Project in Malawi as a volunteer in the 1980s. He then went on to lead a road construction unit and a bridge design team in that country. In Botswana he headed the Roads Department’s Bridges Section and later the Materials Division. In Tanzania in the 1990s he led a TA Team to the Regional Engineer’s Office in Iringa that developed a local road contracting industry from scratch. He then moved to Dar es Salaam where he was instrumental in setting up the Road Fund, TANROADS and the contractors association TACECA. During his time with the Management Action Group in Tanzania’s Ministry of Works, he helped set up various systems for improving management of the road sector. He then worked in Barbados for the European Commission Delegation. Then he led a TA team to Malawi’s National Roads Authority where he worked on restructuring the National Roads Authority including the establishment of monitoring and evaluation systems. Since joining itt he led a Danida feasibility study in Tanzania, established a contract monitoring system and road inventory in Ghana, in Nicaragua provided engineering input into an environmental assessment, designed a public works programme in Liberia, designed pilot programmes for the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative in Zambia and Tanzania, formulated the EDF 10 Road programme in Zambia, reviewed institutional framework for road agencies in Kenya, prepared World Bank Transport Note 31 on Commercialising Road Maintenance, managed a programme developing contractors in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and reviewed constraints to private transport sector investment in Africa. Currently, he is Team Leader for an Institutional Support Programme for the Transport Sector in Liberia. 

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