Cardno IT Transport is a leading international consultancy specialising in the development of transport and other infrastructure in developing countries.

We are one of the few leading consulting companies that advocate the necessity of taking a broad view of development and the role transport can play. This view encompasses institutional, economic, social, governance and technical aspects with an overarching poverty reduction objective.

Our broad areas of expertise include:

Infrastructure Policy and Strategy

  • Preparation and review of infrastructure policy and strategy
  • Analysis of policy and strategic options

Implementation of Projects and Programmes

  • Physical implementation of projects and programmes
  • Employment intensive construction methods
  • Project management support
  • Construction economics including quantity surveying, cost modelling, life-cycle costing
  • Contract procurement and contract administration including tender management, bid evaluation, performance specification etc.
  • Involvement of beneficiary groups, local government bodies, Community-based organisations in the physical implementation
  • Maintenance management
  • Transparency and accountability

Environmental & Cross-cutting Issues

  • Environmental assessment and mitigation measures
  • Gender issues in infrastructure development
  • Community participation in Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Governance issues in infrastructure planning and development
  • Applying Rights Based Approaches to project implementation

Capacity Building & Training

  • Technical, managerial and financial capacity development~
  • Planning and implementation of training program

Road Safety

  • Road safety auditing
  • Development of road safety action plans
  • Policy formulation and prioritization

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Process-progress monitoring
  • On-going and impact evaluation
  • Technical & financial audit

Research & Development

  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability aspects
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Appraisal of low-volume roads

Rural Access and Transport Services

  • Transport, access and mobility needs assessment
  • Transport services related policy and strategy
  • Road rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Use of local resources and labour
  • Design, development, dissemination and audit of appropriate transport means

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