The Team

 Andrew McLoughlin, Director


 Andy McLoughlin is the Director of IT Transport with a wide range of experience in transport infrastructure related disciplines, including transport planning, development planning, personalised travel planning, highway engineering, traffic engineering, road safety and highways asset management.  Andy also led the Community of Practice for Transport at Engineers Without Borders UK for 4 years, working across the programme areas of research, overseas placements and outreach.  Andy holds a Master’s degree in Road Management and Engineering from the University of Birmingham is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation.  Most recently, he has carried out and supervised Master’s level research projects into transport policy in middle and low-income countries, and road safety issues involving commercial drivers in Tanzania.  He is also the co-author of Engineering in Development: Transport.  Andy is passionate about the role of transport as an alleviator of poverty and enabler for economic growth, and also has a strong interest in the inter-relationships between the different disciplines of the transport sector.

Dave Jennings, Principal Consultant

JenningswebDave Jennings is a Civil Engineer of wide experience and has specialised in organisational development and the transfer of technology as a development tool. His expertise in capacity building within the transport sector has led to extensive work and experience with bi-lateral and multi–lateral donor agencies and with both central and local government in developing countries. He has led international teams of experts in the various stages of preparation and evaluation for both project approach and sector budget support programmes. His experience includes long term work in Bangladesh, Ghana Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Zambia and short term work in many more countries. Before joining itt’s team in 2002 he managed the International Training Centre at Kisii in Kenya – a facility dedicated to the development of labour-based methods of engineering. He also worked as the engineering advisor to the Directorate of Regional Roads in Mozambique. He is an able project manager, designer and planner with extensive experience in the Logical Framework Approach and is a trained and experienced moderator.

Dick Komakech, Senior Consultant


Dick Komakech is a Civil/Transport Engineer with over fifteen years’ experience in the design and preparation of road development programmes including project planning and management.  His experience includes capacity building and institutional strengthening at local and national level with public and private practitioners on best practice to enhance efficiency in transport infrastructure improvements and maintenance. He has successfully designed and implemented community-based and sustainable approaches to road improvements and maintenance. Others include programme preparation, formulation of transport policies and management of road networks commensurate with the government strategic infrastructure plans. Mr. Komakech was the team leader of the recently completed DFID funded Improving Rural Access Tanzania (IRAT) project for PORALG in Tanzania, which involved the repairs and improvements of rural roads for improved access, for the benefit of: agricultural and rural community development, to improve access to local markets, administrative centres, health care, education and transport networks. The TA also carried out capacity building programs for the introduction of a GIS based monitoring and reporting system for contract management (DROMAS) and the implementation of that system at district regional and national level and use within the Road Fund Board (RFB). He has collected and analysed various transport data including econometric and statistical analysis of Traffic, demographic and land use data using various transport packages, together with climatic and rainfall data from the national meteorological survey. He is highly competent in data analytical tools such as SSPS, LIMDEP, and GIS amongst others. Mr. Komakech is currently the Project Director for the World Bank funded Acquisition and Customisation of Corridor Performance Monitoring System for Dar es Salaam Corridor Committee (DCC) project. Dick has been working closely with the client TANROADS and the project team to ensure a smooth start to the project which commenced in April this year.

Henry Nkwanga, Senior Consultant

Henry is an Asset Management Specialist. Recent projects at Cardno IT Transport have included monitoring and evaluation of repair and improvement works of bottlenecks on district roads in Tanzania and condition assessment of the Tanzania Road Network in collaboration with TANROADS and PORALG engineers. He was also involved in the assessment of road maintenance by the Road Authority in Suriname, covering aspects of institutional, organisational and funding needs, both for current (for approximately 500km of primary roads) and future responsibilities (addition of a further 1,000km of primary roads). His experience in Tanzania also included an assignment building capacity at District, Municipal and Town Councils in data management and application of a new GIS Web-based highway/road asset database. He has experience of strategic advice on all aspects of highway maintenance and management (this includes policy and strategy preparation, lifecycle planning, whole life costing, inventory and condition data management, asset management systems, performance monitoring, training needs assessment and training delivery as related to road asset management). Relevant asset management assignments that Henry has been involved in include leading the preparation of technical content of the asset management training modules for the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme/UK Roads Liaison Group (2014 -2015)

James Evans, Junior Consultant

James Evans is a Junior Consultant at Cardno IT Transport and has an MSc in International Development, and a BA (Hons) in Economics, Politics, and International Relations, His portfolio of projects currently includes; Road Sector Reform in Swaziland, development of a Road Asset Management Framework in Namibia, and a High Volume Transport Research programme looking at long distance road and rail transport across Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. James has worked with a number of clients and donors, including the AfDB, DfID, and national government ministries. James’ role at Cardno ITT also focuses on business development; identifying new project opportunities and coordinating their status through the project pipeline. His responsibilities in this regard include EOI and proposal preparation; supporting the management and delivery of new and existing programmes; and carrying out technical research to inform bids and contribute to the learning culture of Cardno. James has worked on project bids for the AfDB, World Bank, ADB, and DfID.


Ellen Rogan, Junior Consultant

Ellen is a Junior Consultant within Cardno IT Transport. She graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA (Hons) degree in Geography and International Development in 2017 and shortly afterwards she joined Cardno IT TransportEllen is currently the Project Manager for the World Bank funded Acquisition and Customisation of Corridor Performance Monitoring System for Dar es Salaam Corridor Committee (DCC) project in Tanzania, which commenced in April 2018. Ellen has been heavily involved in ensuring the successful start-up of the project and works to make sure the project is delivered to time, cost and quality. She is responsible for the liaison between the team members, the client, and the donor, production of consultant contracts, organisation of logistics and travel, formatting and proof-reading of reports and other administrative support. Ellen is also a member of the Association for Project Management (UK). Ellen's other responsibilities include: business development, project identification, preparation of expressions of interest, consultant identification and recruitment, proposal preparation and support to project administration.



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